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Name:Curtis Everett

we go forward.


In 2014, a failed experiment to counteract global warming froze the entire planet. Then 17, Curtis -- along with other survivors of the catastrophe -- boarded the Snowpiercer. Propelled by a perpetual-motion engine, the massive train circumnavigated the globe and kept its passengers safe from eternal winter.

Some people got lucky and were loaded into the front of the train. Curtis wasn't one of them.

Now 35, he barely remembers anything of the first seventeen years of his life; it's all been replaced by the squalor and hardship of living in the Tail. (Hardship is putting it mildly. The things they had to do to survive, especially in the first few months of their journey, still haunt him eighteen years later.) Every so often, desperate to enact a change, someone would try to break out and push their way to the Front. Nobody succeeded -- until Curtis.

That is, if you call what happened en route a success.

He's pretty damn sure he doesn't.

Appearance: Post-canon = more cleaned up than he's been, but still rather ragged-looking. Gaunt, as only the chronically underfed can be. Lots of layers he can't bear to part with. Closely-shaved head (sometimes covered with a knit cap) and a fairly heavy beard. Contrary to the user name and some icons, he only has one arm; the left one's gone from about the elbow down.

As of this thread, he wears a silver prosthesis that starts about a quarter of the way down his left arm. It behaves almost identically to a real arm: a bit stronger, less able to register pain, but just as dextrous. Blue light shimmers between its plating every so often, glowing brighter when he exerts a lot of force.

(He also bears a slight resemblance to [personal profile] thekidfrombrooklyn, if your character would be the type to notice -- but in the face only, not in his physical build.)

Disclaimer: Curtis Everett belongs to Bong Joon-ho, Kelly Masterson, and everyone else affiliated with Snowpiercer. I am neither them nor Chris Evans; I'm just here for the RP.
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